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Sunset streamer

Sunset streamer

Sunset streamer

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    Sunset streamer
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    Zheng fan
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2022-11-21 18:18:23
In the face of these dangerous events, LU Hong, the only son around the patient and the old man, resolved various obstacles with the light of human conscience and human wisdom, taught himself traditional Chinese medicine, saved his mother, and the mother and son depended on each other, so that the old man spent the last good time before his death, and let the old man die with dignity and dignity... Unexpectedly, After the death of the old man, he left a huge family secret, which became a "pending case" and could not be decrypted... the novel vividly describes the mental process of the old man before his death. Through the story, it arouses the society's attention to human "death", the elderly's pension and treatment, and the psychological trend of the old man before his death, At the spiritual level, we advocate for every family to adhere to this pure land of morality and ethics, and let the last candle of human nature shine on everyone's destination and the soul of the dead forever. It also calls for the return of Chinese traditional Confucian culture and noble virtues, so as to highlight the new trend of Chinese modern family ethics and the elements of human positive energy, and return to the loyalty and filial piety etiquette of the Chinese nation for 5000 years!

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