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Women s flowers

Women s flowers

Women s flowers

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    Women s flowers
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    Static flow length
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2022-06-30 06:51:45
Bai Li, born to an illegitimate daughter, was devastated by her family since childhood. No backer, no background, no thighs to hold, in order to survive, work hard when she was an adult, her husband, who was born with the same bitter child, was honest in the front line of the construction site, studied technology, learned management, and encountered natural and man-made disasters of small families. From reflecting wishes and demands, criticizing and suggesting to the project manager, she told the truth and told the truth with the turn of fortune, heaven has great responsibility for her. She has become the legal successor of the new world group she is strong at the grass-roots level. She does practical things, tells the truth, leads the group, under the guidance of the people's government, to develop and build the cheapest house in the central city of the national provincial capital, sincere pharmacy, develop the wetland park of coal mining village, and integrate into the local Zhifei high-tech industry... her enterprise does not follow the routine of the common people and does not play leverage to collect wool from the common people, Cooperate with the people's government with industry, serve the people, and lead the new world group to grow into the leading conscience enterprise in Dongzhou in the storm in the post epidemic era, she led the group to strictly implement epidemic prevention requirements and seek enterprise transformation... the same woman has a different life. Let's look at Bai Li's legendary stories about her family, workplace and life.

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