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Reflecting the sea of stars

Reflecting the sea of stars

Reflecting the sea of stars

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    Reflecting the sea of stars
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2022-06-08 15:25:11
30 years ago, Yixing discovered the Stargate. Liu Ying, the experimenter in charge of exploring the stars, went on a mission and didn't return. She wandered to the earth. She was confused and had a relationship with the only son of the Qiao family in Beicheng family, and gave birth to a son, Qiao Zhiyu Qiao Zhiyu is more and more isolated and unable to get along with others because he was born as an Yi star. He thought that his whole life would be wandering aimlessly... When human beings were 27 years old, they knew Luo Qi and gradually began to change their life trajectory just when Liu Ying thought that life had started the journey of happiness, she came back... when all the force majeure hit, it was imperative for him and Luo Qi to separate... so how should they fight with their own life bodies?