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My little love letter on the Milky way

My little love letter on the Milky way

My little love letter on the Milky way

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    My little love letter on the Milky way
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    Ice and moon leave
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    Daily Novel
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2022-05-14 08:00:13
Pseudo age difference, childhood sweetheart, pseudo rich marriage. The flower of kaolin bumped into the grass of kaolin. The alliance of strong and strong didn't see it. Instead, it saw the recklessness of the heir miss male surgeon vs ceramic artist 1v1 Lin Jingxi has always been anti bone and decathlon. If he can handle affairs with a high profile, he will never be a low-key man Jing Xu has always been calm. He is a big medical man. He wants to be a low-key man, but he has repeatedly appeared in the newspapers because of his identity as a gifted teenager when the master of medicine returned home, he ran into a little girl holding white porcelain research. The classical cheongsam matches her white complexion very well. A pair of deer eyes are very beautiful, which is the first impression of Sui Jingxu on her; A handsome face, a conspicuous white in an open black coat, a male model's figure and clean temperament are Lin Jingxi's first impression of him unexpectedly, the 18-year-old girl was extremely black. A tentative marriage dinner, she showed no concern "Jing Xu, you might as well marry me if you don't marry anyone." "is the emotional thing a joke?" "you all see that he doesn't want to marry me, which has nothing to do with me." "..." when we meet again, Lin Jingxi can't recognize that this is a handsome man who has been rejected by her but this time, she remembered the handsome man - facing the police who came to the hotel for inspection, Lin Jingxi in the room explained: "we are husband and wife!" his handsome face turned black and his thin lips gently opened: "I don't know her. I'm single." only later did he know that they were "Friends of life and death" twenty years ago.