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Salted fish s life after winning the prize

Salted fish s life after winning the prize

Salted fish s life after winning the prize

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    Salted fish s life after winning the prize
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    Su's Mo dye
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2022-06-23 05:21:04
When an ordinary person who can no longer be ordinary suddenly wins the grand prize one day, what will happen to her life? Is it investing in stocks and playing with the stock market? Is it to start a business and get rich, and then go to the peak of life with luxury cars and houses? Or buy a house and a house, and then you can travel all over the world by rent? Hey! Wake up! With that little money, you still want to go to heaven! Look at the house price. You are still a poor man when you buy a house. Of course, you are a poor man who has more money than ordinary people. Also stocks, businesses and houses? Take a break, don't you, be a relaxed ordinary person? Find something you like and find someone you like to live slowly! what? No ambition? Not motivated? Salted fish? Tell me, what is more comfortable than being a salted fish, a rich salted fish? Don't believe it? No, you see!

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