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Interstellar profiteers of plane Trading

Interstellar profiteers of plane Trading

Interstellar profiteers of plane Trading

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    Interstellar profiteers of plane Trading
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    Weiyi Yi
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    Qishi Book
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2022-06-14 23:28:01
Murong Feifei didn't know people clearly in her previous life. She was cheated into the experimental base by her best friend and was under house arrest for more than 200 years. Finally, she killed her enemy when she opened her eyes again, she went back to the year of 16. After rebirth, the plane trading system was unexpectedly opened. I wanted to make a fortune quietly, but I was forced to go farther and farther on the road of profiteers... for a moment, I was kind-hearted and saved a man. I didn't expect that the man's identity was not ordinary. It's just a little sticky. I can't get rid of it. After reluctantly accepting it, I found that the man was not only a loser, but also a wife. No wonder nothing good happened since I met him one morning the woman poked the man sleeping next to her, "is it urgent for me to return the goods now?" the man heard her and looked gloomy. "The goods have been used and will not be returned unless you can restore the factory settings" well, the man still uses to restore the factory settings. Isn't it the woman who suffers the loss?

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