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No stars last night

No stars last night

No stars last night

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    No stars last night
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    Have a little sister
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    Garden Novel
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2022-04-15 11:39:30
A few years ago, the princess of the demon family and the crown prince of the Tianzu met in the human hospital. They got along with each other for a period of time and fell in love with each other. The princess of the demon family removed the demon body and married the crown prince of the Tianzu. Finally, they became the emperor of the Tianzu and the queen of heaven. Now, Tian Tian is falsely accused of secretly colluding with the demon family. Helpless, the emperor of heaven has to let go and make Tian Tian fake death and release her back to the world. Tian Tian can only live in the hospital where they met as a mortal. They miss each other but can't meet. The demon king found that the Tianzu deceived the princess into pretending to die. He took the opportunity to persuade the demon clan to attack the Tianzu. With the help of the demon clan, Tian Tian returned to the heaven to accompany the Tiandi and calm the war of the three clans together.

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