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Years can change

Years can change

Years can change

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    Years can change
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    Zhou Yuyao
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    Cool Novel
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2022-08-05 09:58:41
I, Wang Yihan, an ordinary urban white-collar worker, have no requirements for myself and some naughty son Zhang Ziqi, because I have a good husband Zhang Rui. Until one day, because of COVID-19, her husband's company was bankrupt. My son was rocked into a private junior middle school when he participated in the lottery at the beginning of Xiaosheng. My white-collar salary is only enough for the living expenses of my family. My family is facing a difficult family economic crisis years can change, and I believe I can also change the fate of the whole family. The work that can be put into the next day will never be completed on the first day. But now, I have changed. I have to pay my son expensive tuition. My husband doesn't know when he can find a suitable job. For the sake of the whole family, I hope I can work hard, work hard, and get a raise. Seeing the economic crisis of the whole family, my son began to study hard under my encouragement there are no material needs in life, but you don't work hard enough. Maybe you haven't changed yet......

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