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Tianyan Qi Ling Ji

Tianyan Qi Ling Ji

Tianyan Qi Ling Ji

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    Tianyan Qi Ling Ji
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    Frost ink 3000
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2022-01-12 10:53:56
As a miscellaneous spirit root who was born in an immortal family but could not practice, her mother's life plan for Mo Xueling was to live a life of thousands of Jiao and hundreds of pet, plain and happy but suddenly one day, she not only became a talented cultivation genius, but also became a unique spirit beast contract master. The opportunity to become famous on the mainland and stand out from the crowd is at hand! Mo Xueling blinked her big confused eyes: "no, I'm so tired." Mo Xueling at the previous moment: "I'll try to be strong!" Mo Xueling at the next moment: "forget it." this is a growth story of a little girl who can be coquettish, can deceive people, and doesn't love to work hard in the cultivation world.

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