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Little ancestor, she s a new man

Little ancestor, she s a new man

Little ancestor, she s a new man

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    Little ancestor, she s a new man
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    Lu Hongsheng
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    Lava Novel
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2022-01-18 17:52:04
Qianjin Gongliang you, a first-class aristocratic family in dongrongcheng, had to be sent to a wild place to avoid danger because of difficulties at birth after a narrow escape, he returned to his family 16 years later it is said that she suffered in a rough land. She was not only disfigured, but also mute - but when she fell from the sky, her posture startled the world's chin everyone is angry. Who is the thoughtless rumor said she was not favored - Gongliang family stood in a row from top to bottom. One person retorted that spitting Xingzi could drown people said she had no spiritual power and did not know how to practice - the Warcraft in the wasteland mountain protested collectively and begged their little ancestors to fight in the face she said she didn't know and didn't know the value of pills - but she practiced and played the high-level pills that are hard to find in the world she is the only ghost who sells pills in Dongrong city she said that she had no background. Even if she became an immortal, she could only be a lower class worker - but the apprentice she took casually was the master of the demon world the seven most gifted gods in the fairy world are willing to serve her as the LORD What's more, she also has a master who can shake the three realms by stamping her feet - [small theater] on the top of the cloud mountain, Gong Liangyou sword points to the high platform "three hundred years ago, the United heavenly palace and the four sects forced me to kill Sendai, and then trapped me in the ghost world for three hundred years. Have you ever regretted?" "never." "in that case, don't blame me for being merciless." the man on the high platform waved his broad sleeves, held the ferocious Gongliang naked oats in his arms and spoiled them with a smile "Tiandao palace and the four sects are just the touchstone on your way to ascension. There is no need to be merciful."

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