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The villains are driven away by me every day

The villains are driven away by me every day

The villains are driven away by me every day

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    The villains are driven away by me every day
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    Sweet talent
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    Health Books
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2022-01-19 09:05:13
[sweet pet + wear Book + group pet + system + laughter + reversal] lingjoo recently fell in love with a novel. The front is very sweet, but the second half of the plot is very abusive, and the originator of this abuse is the reborn male villain as a loyal fan of men and women, lingjo was angry and distressed. She blushed angrily and commented under the book since then, she has been wearing books with a coquettish and extremely pitiful spicy chicken system. From time to time, she sends a random task (Readers' surprise, she is scared to death!) in order to meet the editor's readers, she wants to hit the wall and jump into the sea again and again by the randomly changed plot and task in the author's pen after being pinched by the villain for the nth time, lingjoo became angry. Despite the warning of the system, Niu x coaxed the big group to kill the villains however, the plot is reversed, and her... Innocence is gone the next day, a baby cried and found a tree and hung a white mausoleum. As a result, she didn't die. "System, can you be kind and spare me!" system [the voice is in the hands of the editor, the pen is in the hands of the author, and the gold owner is the reader, but I am just a wooden and emotional system, which can't help you grow old!]

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