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Blackening host strategy plan

Blackening host strategy plan

Blackening host strategy plan

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    Blackening host strategy plan
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    Warm spring early sun
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    Apple novel
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2021-11-25 13:00:29
Yunchu did some small business. He was judged that the blackening value was too high for no reason. It was an unforgivable evil. He was pulled into the small world to be a good man Yunchu: "good people don't live long, let me go back." System: [little sister, villains will eventually be destroyed by justice. Only being a good person with good body and mind can live a long life.] due to problems in the small world, female partners who should have helped the heroine turn black one after another, become the ultimate villains, commit many evils, and finally be defeated by the protagonist Yunchu's task is to change the fate of supporting actors, prevent tragedies, be a good supporting actor and live to the end of the play Yunchu:... don't do it, don't go, get out damn blackening value, don't try to set me up!