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Forced to marry black powder

Forced to marry black powder

Forced to marry black powder

Rating: 9 / 10 from 20846 ratings
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    Forced to marry black powder
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    Shen Aohan
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2021-12-03 14:07:27
★ (Shuangjie + 1v1 + paranoid male star + despondent little daughter + hidden marriage) ★· "Lu Xingnan, I'm your black powder." · "black powder is also powder." "I posted the microblog that hacked you two months ago." "no wonder the microblog wording is so green." Lu Xingnan's eyes are full of stars, the throat knot rolls slightly and the air is like fog: "Miss Ruan, since you have done my black powder at all costs, are you interested in doing it to the end?" Ruan Shu turned his head and wanted to push away the bright eyes of Shanglu star, but when he saw the tears in the corners of his eyes, Ruan Shu suddenly couldn't bear it: "I'm a black powder. Don't mistake me." Lu Xing could hardly smile and approached Ruan Shu's ear, which made her itch. She couldn't help but step back, but she still didn't get rid of his shackles. the man's voice was clear and clear, and his informal tone added a bit of seriousness. At the moment Lu Xing couldn't speak, Ruan Shu never noticed that she was fascinated by him. Lu Xing couldn't open her mouth, and her voice was so gentle that she didn't speak: "Ruan Shu, only you can deserve me."

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