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Crazy ambition

Crazy ambition

Crazy ambition

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    Crazy ambition
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2022-06-16 09:02:50
The day when Shi Yun and Zhou Yisui first met was when they were most embarrassed. One ran away with a swollen face and the other was beaten up in order to escape her father's indifference, Miss Qianjin, who lives in a backward Town, is petite and stubborn. Zhou Yisui, who struggled to survive in the dark, was cruel, gloomy, despised, falsely accused and abandoned the two people who should not have met in life met and met in the small town where he grew up. They knew and cherished each other in her city. Zhou Yisui's numb heart beat again he is a person who can be abandoned by anyone. He lives on thin ice. He knows that she is taboo and secret, but he still can't resist the crazy growth of ambition "I only have you left." Shi Yun became his only weakness when those dark secrets are exposed to the light, everyone acts as a righteous person to trap and hurt later, Shi Yun looked at the man who everyone flocked to and said with a smile: "after a few years, when we meet again, we have become the envy of each other." Zhou Yisui raised her hand to cover her red eyes, bowed her head and kissed the red lips she had been thinking about for years the world is very unfair to him, but the most dazzling person is covered in the dust. Fortunately, she found him, fell in love with him and became mutual dependence.

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