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80 s daughter-in-law is sweet and SA

80 s daughter-in-law is sweet and SA

80 s daughter-in-law is sweet and SA

Rating: 9 / 10 from 4830 ratings
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    80 s daughter-in-law is sweet and SA
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    Old sheep like fish
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    Redhouse Novel
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[Shuangjie, one-on-one, love after marriage, sweet pet shuangwen] Chu Qiao in her previous life worked hard from her father at home and married from her husband. She lay on the operating table during dystocia. Her mother-in-law, husband and stepson gave up her. One body and two lives back at the age of 21, she hasn't married her selfish and vicious ex husband, but her stepmother tried to force her to marry to seek benefits. Chu Qiao wanted to start her own business and had to register in the city first, but her stepmother forced her to marry day by day. When there was no way out, Gu Ye, her hot tempered uncle, jumped out to propose "marry me and let the dead calf call you aunt!" Chu Qiao was excited. She was inexplicably happy when she thought that her ex husband was so short of her generation that she could never lift her head in front of her. It wouldn't hurt to get married Gu Ye has been a bully since childhood. Others say he is not good at women. He is expected to be a bachelor in his life, but no one knows that Gu Ye has three good qualities - thin waist, thin feet and baby voice Chu Qiao's every cell grows in his heart. She is a daughter-in-law tailor-made for him by God. She has to turn home whatever she says. Other men go as far as they can!