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Love is precious

Love is precious

Love is precious

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    Love is precious
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    Pian Ruo Wan Ruo
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2021-11-25 02:44:43
A man with a bumpy life experience and living under the hedge of others, using strategies and means step by step, became a generation of owls, forcibly married the only woman he loved deeply, and protected her for the rest of her life, as well as the story of their bitter little son, good little daughter, brother and sister fighting she is the daughter of an enemy family, but he said, "no matter how deep the hatred is, it can't equal my love for you. From the day you married me, my hatred has been put down." she was a spoiled daughter. The family was punished. She should have suffered. She was sheltered by him and enjoyed the glory and wealth of her life without any injustice. Just as she said, who makes my life good (this article has two volumes: the first volume is the good wife of Qinggui Duzhong; the second volume is the brother and sister fighting method of Qinggui Duzhong.)