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The battle of mankind in the new era

The battle of mankind in the new era

The battle of mankind in the new era

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    The battle of mankind in the new era
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    Xi Junan
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2021-12-04 06:15:53
In 2121, the 100th year that the snow flame of alien technology fell to the earth the four scientists who jointly studied Xueyan at first "supported the troops and respected themselves", used Xueyan technology to dominate the world, and divided people into two categories: the owner of the world, human beings in the new era, and the underlying assets that can be slaughtered at will by human beings in the new era although banyan was born as a bottom asset, it was very handsome and was caught in the "human zoo" for people to watch in the new era with the in-depth study of Xueyan technology, scientists of the Geller family, the head of the four families that dominated the world at that time, found that people with special base pairs will have powers after combining with Xueyan technology, and the genes on banyan are the key to solving the mystery of special base pairs. Geller sent his confidant Cang Hailan to take Yanrong to study and try to dominate the Robin family, once the head of the four families, has always respected the superiority of men over women. Only men can be the leader of the family, but now the leader of the Robin family hides a secret that is unknown to the world, that is, he is actually a woman disguised as a man, and she loves banyan from beginning to end however, in order to uphold justice, Robin had to give up his feelings and let Hei Rong get involved in the power struggle. Fortunately, Cang Hailan protected Hei Rong like a big brother at that time, but at the same time, Xueyan's original alien owner, Jingxing people, made a comeback to recapture Xueyan from human hands Yanrong had been humiliated because of his identity as a bottom asset, but at this moment, only he with special base pairs can be the Savior. After suffering, will he still focus on good and save mankind?